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willie velasquez
 Whether you are going through emotional turmoil after the end of a relationship, feel unable to overcome resentment towards someone who has hurt and disappointed you in your life, experience a disconnect to yourself and your surroundings or just long to create better experiences in your life – the key begins with you.
individual counseling
I work closely with each family member to highlight their strengths, passions, desires, and also what is holding them back from maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with others in the family.
marriage counseling
I work closely with both partners to learn more about their interests, passions, strengths, and defining characteristics. I will also determine what is preventing them from maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with one another, giving equal, fair treatment and time to both respective sides of the story.
A stable marriage is built on love and trust. Whether your marriage is suffering due to poor communication, family-related interference, infidelity, substance abuse issues, or anything in-between, I strive to make a difference for the better. I will help you with effective communication skills to be able to listen to each other without someone becoming upset with the other. Techniques such as learning how to disagree effectively can bring you closer instead of further apart. Issues such as; anxiety, depression, and trauma related can effect your life and your marriage.
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For many people, having a busy lifestyle means not being able to make or meet appointments, but this does not mean you can’t still reap the benefits of therapy. I am offering Teletherapy over video chat for anyone in Columbus interested in therapy.
Counseling To Empower!
Due to COVID-19, I am offering video sessions and phone sessions at this time.
You deserve to be happy.
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